Jungle Trekking

  • Details
    16 km trekking
  • Pick up and transfer in city
  • Picnic lunch, local restaurant dinner, bonfire, night in tents
  • Professional and licensed guides 

Trek the first day from just outside of Dalat on the Razorback trail to Tuyen Lam Lake.  The trail is moderate on the first day and walks along a jungle fringed ridgeline before descending to the campsite on the shore of the lake.  The second day puts you deeper into the jungle as you trek further south. This moderate trek involves about 4 to 5 hours of hiking each day.
You will be treated to a picnic lunch of fresh veggies and fruits, baguettes with an assortment of toppings and a French-style pastry to satisfy your sweet tooth. 
Upon exiting the thick jungle section, you will walk between Elephant Mountain and another area peak.  Enjoy seeing the small minority farms that dot the valley floor.
This two day trip starts to the South of Dalat City. We drive along picturesque scenic roads to the Razorback Trailhead, where we start our journey.  The first section of trail takes you from 1,500 meters to 1,700 meters and offers fantastic views of Dalat and Langbian Mountain in the distance.
Once we reach the ridgeline, the trail rolls without too much elevation change and takes us through beautiful     sections of broad leaf evergreen. When we reach the trail junction that leads us down to the lake, we stop for a rest and lunch.

We slowly descend down from the ridge after lunch, to the lake below. The path stays in the jungle until almost the end, where we emerge into a small clearing of pine forest that sits along   the lake edge.  This is where we camp for the night and hikers are free to swim, or just relax until dinner.
On day two, you start your walk through pine forest.  Soon you will notice a dramatic change in scenery from pine to thick jungle.  Walk the rolling hills among the vines, broad-leaf trees, and enjoy the cool jungle breeze.  If you’re lucky, you may see a wild orchid in bloom or a solitary gibbon swinging off in the distance.

After lunch and a rest you continue walking through the valley until you come to a ridgeline, which you follow to the famous Chicken Village, aptly named due to the large chicken statue in the center of the township.  This village is where our journey ends.

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